Featured Projects

EDF | MethaneSAT AR

DELL x NVIDIA | Accelerated Workload Solutions

H-E-B | Virtual Setroom

NPT Backyard | Design your pool, see it in AR

This AR-enabled design app lets you see exactly what your pool will look like before ever breaking ground.

The Monarch Effect | A Story of Resilience

Join monarch butterflies on their journey from Mexico to Texas to the Midwest in this VR180 experience.

Dell EMC Modular Data Centers | Virtual Tour

The engineers at Dell EMC had an innovative idea to deploy data centers faster and more flexibly than ever before: make them modular.

Dragon VR Experience

Baker Hughes | Flare IQ VR Experience


In collaboration with EDF and industry heavy-hitters Sensit, FLIR, and Rebellion Energy, Fair Worlds developed The Methane Ch4llenge VR Experience.

Virtual Vortex | A VR Mascot Trainer

Put your mascot skills to the test in this VR gauntlet to become VorTex, Concordia University Texas’ favorite purple tornado.

Whole Foods 365 VR

Whole Foods 365 VR | Fair Worlds | Austin/Seattle

AR Integration for E-Commerce
VR for Training
VR / AR for Sales

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