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NPT Interactive Ads

Augmented Reality

Interactive ads can shine with new tech

Our client, NPT, publishes ads every month in various trade magazines that still have good circulation numbers and readership. They tasked us with making an add to help promote the NPT Backyard app that we also helped design and build for them. (Not to brag.) To make their ads more engaging, we leveraged web-based augmented reality platform 8th Wall to use the main image in the ad to trigger a 3D pool that is featured in the Backyard app. 

To help reduce costs for our client, we built our own web-based AR platform called ARLO, that used a combination of JavaScript and SketchFab, a 3D model hosting company.

The campaign was focused around the idea of someone having a ‘staycation’ since they had the perfect pool built right in their backyard. The ‘staycation’ was so good, they sent you (the reader) a postcard of it. This postcard was the trigger for the AR pool. With each publication and each month, we featured a new pool to keep the engagement throughout the campaign so it stays fresh for months.

We also had the postcard image featured in the ads printed as an actual postcard that would trigger the same AR experience for trade shows and other events to extend the life of the campaign.

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