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3D Graphics & Animation

EPYC Chip Animation

For AMD’s launch of the new EPYC 7003 processor, we were excited to partner with them to create a unique teaser experience for the first round of reviewers. We created 12 unique, password protected pages that featured the new EPYC chip in interactive 3D and in Augmented Reality, without the need of an app download. The experience was sent to a select group of 12 reviewers ahead of the launch. Our Process: AMD provided us with 3D assets from the engineering team and we converted it into a format for real-time viewing in the Sketchfab platform. We also were able to create a 3D animated video from the same assets and provided that to the reviewers as well. We were pleased with the ease of use of Sketchfabs Enterprise account, allowing us to utilize the API and integrate the viewer into the review sites and add customization seamlessly.

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