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Explore the world of water colors

Through our rounds of user testing for the NPT Backyard app, a pool design app we built for our client National Pool Tile (NPT), we realized that the first and foremost thing pool buyers asked was “What will the pool water look like?” This was great feedback and we used this bit of info in our redesign of the app but we also wanted to go one step further.

The pool color is solely driven by what pool finish you choose. So, we decided to build out a web app that will showcase the top 6-8 finishes in each color category and allow users to see a simulation of the water color and how selecting a particular finish will make it all look. 

First, we had a team do high resolution scans of all of the finishes that would be used on the site. Then, we started in the 3D rendering app Unreal Engine to get the effects of how they will reflect light on the water and the potency of the light rays in deeper water to give it the most realistic effect. Lastly, we put all of the renderings into Webflow’s CMS to power our idea and bring it to life.

Try out the app for yourself and pick the water color that’s right for them and see what finishes to choose from to make their dream pool come true.

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