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Mobile Application

An App in the Age of Digital Scent

Our good friends at OVR (Olfactory Virtual Reality), have built a new version of their ION headset that lets you add ‘digital scents’ to any media. The new standalone headset, the ION3, has 8 base scents in a removable cartridge that you can use to mix into new scent experiences. In anticipation of their next product release, OVR wanted to premier the headset at CES 2023, the biggest electronic trade show in the world.

To help them showcase this new device, we collaborated with them to design and build a tech demo that allows users to watch videos that have scent triggers that activate the scents in the device. Additionally, users can create new scents and attach them to a video, creating a whole new video for others to enjoy.

The app and the ION3 were a tremendous success, gaining them press and accolades of “best at CES” across multiple news outlets.

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