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60's retro TV playing clips of work done by Fair Worlds.

NPT Pool

NPT Backyard:

Design your pool, see it in AR

Always read the fine print when you build your dream swimming pool because those return policies can be hell. This AR-enabled design app gets rid of those pool-buying jitters by letting you see exactly what your pool will look like before ever breaking ground. Available now on the App Store.


The Methane CH4llenge:

A Virtual Reality Experience

A lovable robot takes you from the oil fields to outer space on a journey to discover & stop methane leaks before it’s too late. Saving the world from ourselves has never been more fun. Produced in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund.


Modular Data Centers:

A Virtual Tour

In the market for a shiny new datacenter? Today’s your lucky day. This guided tour lets you explore one of Dell EMC’s flexible, Modular Data centers, which we meticulously reconstructed from a real-world deployment. So, how many of these bad boys can we put you down for?


The Monarch Effect:

A Story of Resilience

If you love butterflies, this immersive, stereoscopic 180º experience is for you. Learn about the threats to the iconic monarch butterflies on their annual migration across North America, and discover what you can do to keep them fluttering for generations to come. If you DON’T love butterflies, then this experience is still for you, you’re just also a monster. 


Virtual Vortex:

A VR Mascot Trainer

It takes more than some fuzzy, colorful padding to be a mascot. It takes guts, stamina, spirit, AND fuzzy, colorful padding. Put your mascot skills to the test in this VR gauntlet to become VorTex, Concordia University Texas’ favorite purple tornado.

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