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In our 3D modeling and animation projects, we partner closely with our clients and strive for a balance between creativity and precision. From immersive gaming environments to lifelike architectural renderings, our work spans different industries, project types and purposes. The work below is a testament to our team’s artistry, flexibility, and technical expertise.

Cybersecurity VR Challenge

Taking the conference by storm

For our project with Dell Cybersecurity, we were tasked to create an immersive VR experience that walked users through the central tenants of Dell’s Cybersecurity offerings. Our story and goal was to make it appear as if our booth and even the entire event had been hacked. This took branching out into new techniques to make an immersive experience for our audience.

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Turn Up the Heat with the Bull BBQ Customizer

A 3D Visualization and Customizer

Customize your outdoor kitchen grill to make a design that's as individual as you are. We used SketchFab's API to allow you to adjust the countertop and veneer to match your outdoor aesthetic, bringing your dream grill to life in stunning detail.

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Optimum Pools Variant Renderings

36 pools to be customized the way customers want

We worked with NPT and Optimum Pools, to create and integrate 3D models of their pre-built pool kits into a new web-based configurator powered by KBMax. This CPQ platform (configure, price, quote) simplifies the sales and ordering process for dealers, and reduces logistics costs for Optimum Pools.

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Dive into the Future of Pool Design

An ultra-realistic pool designer

To help you visualize your next dream pool, we built this using Unreal Engine (The Mandalorian) surrounding you in vivid, lifelike detail. Controlling the camera angles and the time of day provides you with an uncanny sense of actually being there, enabling you to fine-tune every element to perfection.

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3D Animated Video Ads

How do you convey how freeing and awesome it is to ride an e-bike? Well, as avid e-bikers, we know! We worked with Bilx Bikes to create some fun animations for their marketing campaigns, as well as for their website. With this successful launch of 3 new models, we’re excited to help Blix inspire people as they live a more fun and healthier lifestyle.

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EPYC Chip Animation

For AMD’s launch of the new EPYC 7003 processor, we were excited to partner with them to create a unique teaser experience for the first round of reviewers. We created 12 unique, password protected pages that featured the new EPYC chip in interactive 3D and in Augmented Reality, without the need of an app download.

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NPT Backyard App

Design your pool, see it in AR

Dream it, then see it! NPT Backyard will show you what your pool can look in your own backyard. So you can be confident about your designs before ever breaking ground, and avoid those pool-buying jitters. Available now on the App Store.

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The Methane Ch4llenge

A Virtual Reality Experience

A lovable robot takes you from the oil fields to outer space on a journey to discover & stop methane leaks before it’s too late. Saving the world from ourselves has never been more fun. Produced in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Virtual VorTex

A VR Mascot Trainer

It takes more than some fuzzy, colorful padding to be a mascot. It takes guts, stamina, spirit, AND fuzzy, colorful padding. Put your mascot skills to the test in this VR gauntlet to become VorTex, Concordia University Texas’ favorite purple tornado.

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EMC Modular Data Centers

Edge Computing can be complicated to illustrate. We worked with Dell to help convey this concept to the masses with a virtual tour of what these decentralized datacenters look like and how they work to power things like 5G, ultra-high def media streaming and more.

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Accelerated Workload Solutions

Every once in a while we oil up the old video wheels and take them for a spin. For this series, we delivered video alongside these complicated 3D models. We went from concept to script to animation, to promote DELL Technologies’ and NVIDIA’s powerful machine learning servers.

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