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3D Graphics & Animation

Interactive Floor Projections for MethaneSAT and Environmental Defense Fund

We’re excited to share the first footage from our interactive projection project for Environmental Defense Fund and MethaneSAT. This project premiered at the ADIPEC oil and gas conference this October. We worked with Dillon Works to have a scale model of MethaneSAT fabricated. Once complete, it housed a high powered projector, computer and depth sensing camera which powered our interactive projections. When users stepped on the interactive floor map, it revealed otherwise invisible methane emissions, illustrating the satellite’s unique abilities to monitor methane emissions almost anywhere on Earth. Fair Worlds worked on heatmap animations that show a stylized representation of what MethaneSAT will see once it launches next year, using measured methane data from oil and gas field studies in the Permian Basin. The project utilized Unity and LUMOPlay to power the interactions. 

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