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If you want to step into new worlds, or catapult yourself through time, or create the backyard of your dreams, Augmented Reality (AR) can take you there. We love working with AR tech and can't recommend it enough. We work closely with our clients to create fun and immersive experiences with AR.  Take a closer look at some of our AR projects!

Space-Time Adventure Tours

Immersive audio tour around the Seattle Center

Come join us for Space-Time Adventure Tours, a project to explore the histories of famous places. This location-specific mobile app will transform your phone into an official Space-Time Adventure Tours “Walkie-Talkie Time Machine™.” The inaugural Space-Time Adventure Tour will lead tour goers through the Seattle Center as it was during the 1962 World's Fair.

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Turn Up the Heat with the Bull BBQ Customizer

A 3D Visualization and Customizer

Customize your outdoor kitchen grill to make a design that's as individual as you are. We used SketchFab's API to allow you to adjust the countertop and veneer to match your outdoor aesthetic, bringing your dream grill to life in stunning detail.

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AR Scavenger Hunt

Follow the clues in this AR game

Every year, DCAC brings together leaders in the data center space to share their insights on the disruptive technologies transforming their industry. Emphasis on “disruptive.” During the conference, “Power Up: An Augmented Reality Quest” enticed attendees to scour the venue in search of physical, digital, and time-locked AR tags.

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"Embrace the IF in LIFE" WebAR Experience

All built on a web-based platform

Our task was to deliver an app-less AR experience on a short timeframe, so we worked with Niantic's WebAR platform 8th Wall. Our team paired the digital content to the large installations across multiple states, creating a WebAR experience that would feel consistent and fluid.

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Interactive ads can shine with new tech

AR helps pool pop off the page

Someone once said that print is dead. We just think it needs a little help from technology, like Augmented Reality. So, we leveraged 8th Wall to make NPT's print ads come to life in a whole new way.

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MethaneSAT AR

Our friends at EDF had a major presence at COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, and used their time on the world stage to raise awareness for their latest mission: MethaneSAT.

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NPT Backyard App

Design your pool, see it in AR

Dream it, then see it! NPT Backyard will show you what your pool can look in your own backyard. So you can be confident about your designs before ever breaking ground, and avoid those pool-buying jitters. Available now on the App Store.

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