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If you don't know what Edge Computing is, that's OK. We didn't either until our friends at Dell explained to us that it's how most data processing will happen in the future. It will power things like 5G, ultra-high definition media streaming, and just about everything else we've come to love in the age of short attention spans. Wait what were we talking about….oh… Edge Computing is basically just moving away from centralized datacenters to these tiny, little datacenters in tiny, little places where data is actually being produced, like neighborhoods, shopping centers, office buildings, and future hot dog stands, probably. The PowerEdge XE2420 is designed to pack as much power into these tiny, little places as possible. In addition to the video, we also produced a library of images using our same 3D model for their marketing team to make these babies fly off the shelf. We picked up 14 ourselves and will be launching “Data Dogs” very soon, they’re that good.

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