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Luckie Advertising

Augmented Reality

"Embrace the IF in LIFE" WebAR Experience

Luckie came up with a truly original concept for their client, Regions Bank, to use the word "IF" as the physical embodiment of the uncertainties we all face in "LIFE." The letters I & F are literally characters in otherwise humanistic stories about the defining moments in our lives. This campaign would span print, social and broadcast mediums, but Luckie had another idea of their sleeve. They wanted to include an experiential AR installation that would bring the campaign into the real world. That's where we come in. 

Fair Worlds worked with Luckie's creative team to produce a WebAR experience allowing people to interact with 10' tall "IF"s that suddenly- and surprisingly- pop up around town in Regions' major markets.  

In the experience, the enormous and very-real “IF” transforms into the word “LIFE” in AR, and then player's can launch a set of cannons, firing colorful confetti high into the air...proving once and for all that confetti cannons make LIFE better. Players could also record and share a short video of the colorful scene they captured.

To deliver an AR experience that wouldn’t require players to pre-download an app, we utilized Niantic's WebAR platform 8th Wall. However, the sheer size of the physical installation presented a number of challenges for creating a WebAR experience that would feel consistent and fluid. This was especially true since our development team didn't have access to the final fabricated IFs for testing. So we went old school. We made some true to size stand-ins of the enormous letters and took them over to the park by our office. A lot of pleasant afternoons were enjoyed during the testing of this one. Highly recommended. We also highly recommend confetti cannons.

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