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We love to put on a show like no other, with immersive experiences around every corner. We’ve traveled around the world to help our clients with their live events. From CES, to private trade shows, to SXSW and more, we’ve helped our clients show how methane detecting satellites work, created AR and immersive tech for their booths, and for the R&D labs of Applied Theoretical Mechanics (the fake company at the heart of our Space-Time Adventure Tours app) we’ve crafted a live theater experience walking tour. We love these opportunities to give a thrill and change minds!
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Cybersecurity VR Challenge

Taking the conference by storm

For our project with Dell Cybersecurity, we were tasked to create an immersive VR experience that walked users through the central tenants of Dell’s Cybersecurity offerings. Our story and goal was to make it appear as if our booth and even the entire event had been hacked. This took branching out into new techniques to make an immersive experience for our audience.

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An App in the Age of Digital Scent

The future smells great

We collaborated with OVR to design and build a tech demo that showcased their new device at CES 2023(?). The tech demo allows users to watch videos with scent triggers that activate in realtime on their yet-to-be-released ION3 device.

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Interactive Floor Projections

Conference Interactive Projections

We’re excited to share the first footage from our interactive projection project for Environmental Defense Fund and MethaneSAT. This project premiered at the ADIPEC oil and gas conference. We worked with Dillon Works to have a scale model of MethaneSAT fabricated.

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Dive into the Future of Pool Design

An ultra-realistic pool designer

To help you visualize your next dream pool, we built this using Unreal Engine (The Mandalorian) surrounding you in vivid, lifelike detail. Controlling the camera angles and the time of day provides you with an uncanny sense of actually being there, enabling you to fine-tune every element to perfection.

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Concordia University Texas

Virtual VorTex

A VR Mascot Trainer

It takes more than some fuzzy, colorful padding to be a mascot. It takes guts, stamina, spirit, AND fuzzy, colorful padding. Put your mascot skills to the test in this VR gauntlet to become VorTex, Concordia University Texas’ favorite purple tornado.

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Baker Hughes

flare.IQ VR Experience

A VR demo to showcasing the latest flare technology

Baker Hughes is on a mission to educate flare stack operators about flarefIQ technology. flare.IQ monitors and automates flare stack efficiency, a task that used to be handled manually resulting in a huge and unnecessary release of CO2. We built a trade show simulation game to demonstrate how Baker Hughes' tech works and changes the game in flare management.

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Dragon Products LTD

Dragon VR Experience

Test Driving Costly Products in VR

To celebrate 55 years in the oil and gas industry, Dragon Products went virtual. They wanted to give their customers something no one else had ever attempted in the energy production product showroom: the ability to 'test drive' products.

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Environmental Defense Fund

The Monarch Effect

A Story of Resilience

If you love butterflies, this immersive, stereoscopic 180º experience is for you. Learn about the threats to the iconic monarch butterflies on their annual migration across North America, and discover what you can do to keep them fluttering for generations to come. If you DON’T love butterflies, then this experience just might change your mind!

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