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As a full-service agency, we embark on the complete journey of app creation, from meticulous research and innovative design to rigorous testing, seamless publishing, and insightful tracking. Our expertise spans across a wide spectrum of devices, ensuring seamless performance on phones, tablets, VR headsets, and PCs/Macs. Moreover, our proficiency extends to various platforms, including Meta Store, Android, and iOS, guaranteeing a robust presence in the digital landscape. Below are some of the latest we’ve done.

Cybersecurity VR Challenge

Taking the conference by storm

For our project with Dell Cybersecurity, we were tasked to create an immersive VR experience that walked users through the central tenants of Dell’s Cybersecurity offerings. Our story and goal was to make it appear as if our booth and even the entire event had been hacked. This took branching out into new techniques to make an immersive experience for our audience.

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An App in the Age of Digital Scent

The future smells great

We collaborated with OVR to design and build a tech demo that showcased their new device at CES 2023(?). The tech demo allows users to watch videos with scent triggers that activate in realtime on their yet-to-be-released ION3 device.

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Dive into the Future of Pool Design

An ultra-realistic pool designer

To help you visualize your next dream pool, we built this using Unreal Engine (The Mandalorian) surrounding you in vivid, lifelike detail. Controlling the camera angles and the time of day provides you with an uncanny sense of actually being there, enabling you to fine-tune every element to perfection.

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Virtual Setroom

A Virtual Merchandising Tool

Fair Worlds worked with beloved Texas grocery chain, HEB, to collaborate on ways to create a digital twin of the store environment. Leveraging this 3D environment allows merchandisers to visualize products from their laptops, or in VR.

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NPT Backyard App

Design your pool, see it in AR

Dream it, then see it! NPT Backyard will show you what your pool can look in your own backyard. So you can be confident about your designs before ever breaking ground, and avoid those pool-buying jitters. Available now on the App Store.

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