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Fair Worlds

Augmented Reality

Space-Time Adventure Tours

Come join us on a Space-Time Adventure Tours, a project to explore the histories of famous places. This location-specific mobile app will transform a user’s phone into an official Space-Time Adventure Tours “Walkie-Talkie Time Machine™.” The inaugural Space-Time Adventure Tour will lead tour goers through the Seattle Center as it was back in 1962 when Seattle hosted the Century 21 Exposition, otherwise known as the 1962 World’s Fair––the first World’s Fair of the Space Age.

The free-to-download app uses GPS and aspects of Niantic Lightship (Pokémon Go) to guide players through a predetermined tour route that will take between 20 and 30 minutes to experience.

Accessibility also plays an important role in this project, and Fair Worlds is proud to partner with Andy Slater. Andy is a member of the Fair Worlds team and a Chicago-based media artist, sound designer, teaching artist, and disability advocate is composing original music and immersive soundscapes, as well as leading our accessibility efforts taking advantage of emerging location-awareness and AR technologies that will push the boundaries of immersive, location-based experiences even further.

Download our just launched Beta release on Test Flight and head to the Seattle Center to experience it today!

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