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We chose the name Fair Worlds as a nod to the optimism of mid-20th century World’s Fairs when slogans like "Building the World of Tomorrow" and "Peace Through Understanding" could bring the world together. Plus "Disneyland" was already taken. The World of Tomorrow they built, however, is in a state of disrepair and needs a renovation. That’s where we come in. 

We’re building the new World of Tomorrow for audiences that don’t want to be passive observers but active participants. Interactivity and immersion will be the norm for brand engagement, not the exception. It’s not a new concept––we’ve known since 1955 that any story is way better as a dark ride––but the ability to create immersive experiences has entered a new era of accessibility for brands and audiences alike. Virtual & augmented reality have opened an impossible number of doors to what's possible. The goal now is to walk through as many of them as we can. 

At Fair Worlds, we play our fair share of games– it comes with the territory of what we do– but we're not simply gamers. We’re filmmakers, designers, animators, writers, developers, thinkers and tinkerers driven by a passion to use the latest technology to build the best version of the future we can imagine. 

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Meet Fair Worlds

Andy Slater
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Sound Design & Accessibility
Angela Gomez
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Operations Manager
Brad Parrett
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Creative Director
Erik Horn
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Chief Creative Officer/Co-Founder
Isaac Aubrey
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3d Artist
Jordan Kellogg
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Project Manager
Julian Ochoa
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Unity Developer
Keil Aloia
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Kurt Pennypacker
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Product Design
Mike Wiebe
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Business Development
Sam Decker
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Thomas Thorne
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3D Generalist
Todd Little
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Lead UX Design Engineer
Wesley Hackett
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