Our Story

We chose our name as a nod to the boundless, sometimes outrageous optimism of the mid-20th century World’s Fairs, when themes like "Building the World of Tomorrow" and "Peace Through Understanding" could bring the world together. And "Disneyland" was already taken.
Our passion is using the latest immersive technologies to create experiences. We play our fair share of games– it comes with the territory– but we're not 'gamers' by any stretch of the imagination. Creatively speaking, our roots are firmly planted in filmmaking, graphic design, 3D animation, and the art of emotional storytelling. 

Virtual & augmented reality technologies have opened an impossible number of doors to what's possible, and now our goal is to go through as many of them as we can. 

Meet Fair Worlds

Erik Horn
Chief Creative Officer
Sam Decker
Brad Parrett
Creative Director
Nick Thompson
Lead XR Engineer
Todd Little
Lead UX Design Engineer
Ross Safranoff
XR Developer
Emilio Barrientos
Project Manager
Angela Gomez
Operations Manager
Thomas Thorne
3D Generalist
Mike Wiebe
Business Development
James Brunk

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