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Environmental Defense Fund

Virtual Reality

The Methane Ch4llenge

EDF wanted to turn heads at the World Gas Conference 2018. The massive oil & gas event attracts corporate and government officials from all over the world, but this year EDF would be the lone NGO with a sponsored presence. In short, a tough crowd. The objective: raise awareness of the risks faced by rising global methane emissions, and promote the use of currently available leak-detection technology. In collaboration with EDF and industry heavy-hitters Sensit, FLIR, and Rebellion Energy, Fair Worlds developed The Methane Ch4llenge VR Experience. Armed with thermal detection tools, and with the help of a lovable robo-sidekick, players must find and fix a range of methane leaks invisible to naked eye. It's so much fun, you hardly even notice the looming specter of methane's catastrophic effects on the environment. But that's kind of the point.

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