Announcing Early Access of Space-Time Adventure Tours!

Erik Horn and Brad Parrett

October 21, 2022

After 2+ years of internal development and R&D we’re proud to release an Early Access version of Space-Time Adventure Tours to the world (specifically the Seattle area). 

Text on the art:  “Experience the past!” in white italic font  In olive green all caps: SPACE TIME Adventure Tours. The dot of the i is a sci-fi looking ball with hoops on it.  In white underneath that is Featuring an official walkie-talkie time machine with two-way  CHRON-O-PHONIC ACTION. Chron-o-phonic is surrounded by a design of semi-circles on either side like the hi-fi logo.  A blue and green colored pop art illustration. Sci-fi style buildings emerge in the background in fun round shapes reminiscent of the jetsons. In the foreground is a blue clock, covered halfway by a horizon line of green. Three small astronauts can be seen walking towards the clock. A rocket ship is taking off in the background.
Key art by Invisible Creature

October 21st 1962 marked the end of the spectacular Seattle World’s Fair, the Century 21 Expo. Now that we’re almost a quarter of the way into the “real” 21st century, we thought it was high-time we brought their bold vision of the 21st century into…the 21st century. Today Fair Worlds is proud to release the Early Access version of Space-Time Adventure Tours to the world (specifically the Seattle area). 

A color photograph of red and white dressed marching bands in the stadium at the Seattle Center at night.  The stands are full of people and spotlights hit the band and many nations flags fly in the background.

Space-Time Adventure Tours is a location-specific, mobile app that transforms a user’s phone into a “Walkie-Talkie Time Machine™.” The experience combines curated archival media with AR-enhanced interactive elements for a fun and comedic adventure which is also a short history lesson in disguise. 

To download the iOS app please first get Apple’s TestFlight. Once downloaded to your phone follow this link to download the Early Access app.

The team has been working on and off on this project since March 2020 and is over the moon to get this early version into people’s hands. It started as our “pandemic project” when all we could do was go on walks outside. We used it as a test bed for R&D on new AR based technologies, and were pleased to land on Niantic's Light Ship ARDK - the same technology that powers Pokémon Go.

Accessibility plays an important role in this project, and Fair Worlds is proud to partner with Andy Slater, a Chicago-based media artist, sound designer, teaching artist, and disability advocate to ensure that the experience is just as compelling and immersive for sighted users as non-sighted users. Andy is composing original music and immersive soundscapes as well as leading our accessibility efforts.  

We’re so proud of what we’ve created (and continue to refine) to push the boundaries of immersive, location-based experiences. We’re thrilled to explore what the future has to offer the past.

We look forward to seeing you in 1962, Time Cadets, and sharing updates on our future adventures.    

An overhead map view of the Seattle center. 17 tour stops are highlighted in orange showing the route of Space-Time Adventure Tours.
The route for Space-Time Adventure Tours

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