Mike Wiebe

Business Development

Mike, or Mike as he normally is called, is an enthusiastic creative type.

After going to school in Santa Fe on a Theater scholarship, he logically graduated college in Texas with a Psychology degree then, logically took the next logical step and started a band that traveled all over the world for a few decades. 

Between tours, Mike wrote stuff for music websites, wrote jokes to tell on stage for himself, directed music videos and made “funny’ voices for some cartoons and video games and wrote music for other peoples film and tv projects. He also appeared in some commercials that were supposed to be “funny” be in reality were not. 

That’s a lot of stuff.

Mike travels less now but still does most of those stuffs in the paragraph directly on top of this one.  The wonderful thing about technology™ is that now it easier to do stuffs from different locations. Technology™ being wonderful in general drew Mike to the world of emerging technologies and trying to figure out where his amalgam of skills could find a place within those technologies.  

He lives in Austin Tx. with his wife, his dog and a cat that the dog doesn’t care too much for.

After writing the name “Mike” so many times he is considering a name change.

Mike Wiebe