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In the middle of a futuristic city is a logo that reads “Experience SpaceTime Adventure Tours” in bold letters as if they were shooting up and out of the city. The city buildings range from a pod-like structure sitting on curved towering legs like an olive on a toothpick, to a building that is tall and slanted that is both boxy and yet, smooth on the edges. A spaceship shoots out from behind the logo.

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A part of Fair Worlds' Austin Immersive Showcase

Come join immersive agency Fair Worlds (Seattle/Austin) for a special event during one of the most exciting weeks in Austin. Experience a one of a kind, enhanced Space-Time Adventure Tour™ that will take you on a journey throughout the spacetime continuum using Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI enhanced historical footage, and immersive installations. Please RSVP for a timeslot for this special enhanced tour with live immersive theater-style experiences. Immersive demos, partner exhibitions, food, drinks and fun!

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Sunday, March 12th
From 10am - 2pm
at The Baker School in Austin, TX

Additional Experiences

Check out some of our other projects and exhibits at the event

Thanks to our sponsors

We wanted to give a shout out to these folks for helping make this event special.

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The Space Time Adventure Tour in Austin is over now. Check out our thank you page to see what you missed.


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