Whole Foods 365 VR

July 1, 2016
Whole Foods 365
Services Rendered:
AR/VR Production, Branding, UX
Brielle Haas, Alaina Nguyen, Kajal
Bridges, Rowan Petersen, Hendrix Correa, Jayne
Allman, Patrik Hess, Hira Turner, Malachi Hardin,
AIbrahim Coulson

​For their Tribal Gathering conference, Whole Foods wanted to showcase their new 365 stores to all attending team members. We concepted and built this VR experience, putting attendees in a HTC Vive headset and letting them explore the store to see its footprint and new features firsthand. It is an example of “gamified” training and education. The experience was guided by a friendly talking alpaca (the store mascot), who gave the guest valuable information about the new features of the store and helped them move through the experience seamlessly, all geared for an audience who had never enjoyed, much less heard of VR before. Creative: Erik Horn and Hunt, Gather 3D and Development: Moontower VFX Mixed Reality Video: Originator Studios

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