Dragon VR Experience

November 1, 2018
Dragon Products LTD
Services Rendered:
AR/VR Production, Branding, UX
Brielle Haas, Alaina Nguyen, Kajal
Bridges, Rowan Petersen, Hendrix Correa, Jayne
Allman, Patrik Hess, Hira Turner, Malachi Hardin,
AIbrahim Coulson

There are no 7-day free trials for highly specialized energy production equipment, which can really complicate your life if you're in the market for highly specialized energy production equipment. Thankfully, Dragon Products has your back. To celebrate 55 years in the industry, Dragon Products went virtual. They wanted to give their customers something no one else had ever attempted in the energy production product showroom: the ability to 'test drive.' So they asked Fair Worlds to build a custom VR experience which would give potential buyers the opportunity to operate and maintain their products in a fully immersive virtual environment.

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