Dell EMC Modular Data Centers | Virtual Tour

June 5, 2019
Dell EMC
Services Rendered:
AR/VR Production, Branding, UX
Brielle Haas, Alaina Nguyen, Kajal
Bridges, Rowan Petersen, Hendrix Correa, Jayne
Allman, Patrik Hess, Hira Turner, Malachi Hardin,
AIbrahim Coulson

The engineers at Dell EMC had an innovative idea to deploy data centers faster and more flexibly than ever before: make them modular. The only problem is, when the product itself is the size of a building, and that building is then filled with an existing customer's private data, it makes it extremely difficult for the Dell sales team to show potential new customers. Since they can't travel to one of these things in real-life, we made it possible for them to tour one in VR. The Modular Data Center Virtual Tour offers customers to chance to experience the build and layout of an MDC in its full-scale glory, while also educating themselves on the features and efficiencies. This VR experience is available as a guided tour featuring interactive animations and a voiceover (currently translated into six different languages), or as a self-guided ‘free-roam’ walkthrough with interactive text-based hotspots.

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