Baker Hughes | Flare IQ VR Experience

October 2, 2018
Baker Hughes
Services Rendered:
AR/VR Production, Branding, UX
Brielle Haas, Alaina Nguyen, Kajal
Bridges, Rowan Petersen, Hendrix Correa, Jayne
Allman, Patrik Hess, Hira Turner, Malachi Hardin,
AIbrahim Coulson

We joined Baker Hughes in Florence, Italy for the BHAM 2020 on a mission to educate flare stack operators about Flare IQ technology. Flare.iQ monitors and automates flare stack efficiency, a task that used to be handled manually resulting in a huge and unnecessary release of CO2 as well as a loss of huge sums of money for the operators. We’ll show you just how difficult maintaining those flare stacks levels used to be. Players regulate steam levels by turning a crank with one hand and controlling fuel gas levels with the throttle in the other hand all the while monitoring the gauges and responding in real-time fluctuations in efficiency. Even in a virtual world, you’ll be sweating without the help of the Flare IQ.

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