Baker Hughes | Flare IQ VR Experience

October 2, 2018
Baker Hughes
Services Rendered:
AR/VR Production, Branding, UX
Brielle Haas, Alaina Nguyen, Kajal
Bridges, Rowan Petersen, Hendrix Correa, Jayne
Allman, Patrik Hess, Hira Turner, Malachi Hardin,
AIbrahim Coulson

Listen up, flare stack operators! Maintaining efficient flares with flare.IQ from Baker Hughes will save hundreds of millions of metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere and save you tens of millions of dollars. The ultimate win-win. Find out how good flare.IQ is––and how bad you are––at keeping a flare stack burning at peak efficiency by taking the Flare Efficiency Challenge.

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